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Fashion Partner Of De Taali 2016 Gujarati Movie

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Fashion Partner Of De Taali 2016 Gujarati Movie
Fashion Partner Of De Taali 2016 Gujarati Movie
De Taali is an urban Gujarati family comedy movie produced by Shivam movie maker and Divya Kiran films, written by Kishor Sachde and Hari Dave, Directed by Sunil Suchak. This is a family comedy movie about the two friends who are always in search of money and learnt many lessons of life with fun and struggle. This film stars Sanjay Maurya, Vanraj Sisodia and Kiran Acharya. The film is completed and released on 17 June 2016.
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Munno and Bako are two friends who are always in search of Money. Once upon a time Munno create a plan to get rid of scarcity of money and kidnap a businessmanís daughter who is childish. Accidently, Bako get trapped in the plan. Popat Punjani is the Don of town and he involved in the plan due to Sweety. Popat is finding the Sweety. Munno and Baka has keep hidden the Sweety. When they call for money, they come to that she is daughter of Don.But the truth is that she is neither businessman nor Donís daughter. So who is she? Where to demand money?
In Between they meet an NRI Narayan (Nuts) who is a victim of an unknown disease. Nuts and her wife came to India from London for divorce. In order to show a right path of life, Masir Ramanlal and Radha Rani are involved in the story. They taught many lessons of life to everyone who are blind after money.
Find out how they come out of an problems with lots of fun and comedy.